Curriculum Vitae of Anthony Palomo


Legal, Scientific & Medical Translator and Conference Interpreter.
U.S. Court Certified Interpreter in Spanish-English/English-Spanish since 1984.
American Translators Association Certified Translator, i.e., having passed the Spanish-English, English-Spanish and Portuguese-English certification examinations since 1983.


35 years’ experience covering, as both an interpreter and translator, a vast range of technical, legal and financial subjects, complex legal documents, such as supreme court decisions, trust agreements, articles of incorporation, corporate agreements and financial transactions, as well as medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and dental topics, including neurosurgery, neonatology, endocrinology, vaccine manufacturing, and implantology, among others, as well as corporate materials involving advertising, telecommunications, mining, and construction equipment.
Also able to discern the peculiarities and differences between Civil Law terminology of Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries and that of the Anglo-American Common Law System. Additionally I am aware of the specific legal terminology of the different Latin-American countries as well as that of Spain, regarding the latter not only as part of its own legal heritage but also now as part of the European Union. One fourth of my 300+ dictionaries and textbooks are devoted to the legal and financial fields. Attend every possible professional seminar on legal and financial translation available. Over the past ten years, have translated more than a 1,500,000 words in Spanish<>English legal work alone and an additional 50,000 words in the Portuguese-into-English category, and more than 80,000  words of technical translations. In the medical field I have translated over 450,000  words in these languages.

Academic Work: Scholarly Legal Translations. Spanish-into-English translation of the 17,000-word treatise by Mexican Jurist Juan Pablo Pampillo Baliño entitled The Legal Integration of the American Continent for the ILSA Journal of International & Comparative Law of Nova Southeastern University, dealing with the legal integration of the Americas taking the evolution of the European Union’s legal framework as a model.  

My knowledge and experience as a translator feeds and reinforces my interpreting skills, as I take advantage of the glossaries and vocabulary accumulated in the course of my translation work. In the past three years alone I have participated in 74 conferences, dealing with international accounting and finance (including the prestigious Seminar on Retirement Pensions by the London School of Economics), international banking, oil chemistry and technology (rave reviews as both a chemist and interpreter), heavy earthmoving machinery, as well as whole range of medical topics, from cancer research through peritoneal dialysis, vaccine manufacturing, fetal brain sonography, eye diseases, pharmaceutical research, and medical devices, among others. Also had the honor of interpreting into English the mass officiated in Cuba by Pope Francis in September 2015 for the South Florida NBC6 Television Station.
Literary Translations.  Spanish-into-English Translation of 39,000-word book, Meditation, on this subject by Author José Lorenzo-Fuentes, as well as the 31,400-word Tao of the Perfect Lover by Author Mabel Iam, both published by Llewellyn Publications, and the 31,000-word English-Into-Spanish translation of the film script for Feliz Christmas-Merry Navidad, continentally acclaimed children's movie.

LIBRARY:          Over 300 dictionaries and textbooks, with emphasis on legal, medical and chemical fields.

Attended Florida International University Legal Interpreters and Translators Program in Miami. Took and passed with an "A" average the 6 required "core" translation and interpretation courses plus an additional course on Commercial Translation. Also took two courses of Accelerated Portuguese ("A" average).


Successfully completed the Basic Medical Sciences Portion of Doctor of Medicine at the College of Medicine of the University of South Florida (Tampa).


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry & Biology (cum laude), University of Miami.


Past-President of the Florida Chapter of the American Translators Association. 2000-2002 Chapter Alternate Director. 2002-2003 Chapter Treasurer: 2006-2007
Active Member of the American Translators Association since 1983. Member of ATA's Spanish, Medical, Technical, Portuguese and Interpreters Divisions. Active member of Association of Translators and Interpreters of Florida (ATIF).